Dog Days of Summer? Not at Eagle Landing!

As summer begins its descent from sunshine fun to school, vacation to vocation, travel itineraries to bus schedules, enjoy some of the many activities planned for August at Eagle Landing.  If you’re new to Eagle Landing, visit the residents’ website at for up-to-date events, contact information and more.

Summer Fun
Join us Saturday, August 6th on the Village Green for our monthly outdoor vendor and arts market.  The Sunshine Market gets underway at 10am – 2pm.  Family fun for everyone with giveaways, food and entertainment!

How about a date night?  Send your kids, ages 5 – 12 to the “So Long Summer” Pool Party on Saturday evening, August 6th starting at 6pm hosted by the Eagle Landing recreation staff.

If you’re into reading, Book Club meets on the second Monday of each month at the Residents Club from 6:30pm – 8:30pm.  This month’s book is “The Version of Us” by Laura Bennett.  Bring an appetizer to share!

Take the family out to dinner – The Landing Bar & Grill offers $10 Eagle Landing Burgers + 2 draft beers every Wednesday from 5pm – 9pm.  Added bonus – Trivia Game Night starts at 7pm with a chance to win a gift certificate for a future meal!
Thursday Night is Family Night with entertainment provided by Sonic Sheryl, a captivating show centered around science!  Plus enjoy a delicious rotating Mexican menu featuring a special entree along with $5 Margaritas (frozen or on the rocks).  Serving from 5pm – 9pm.

Dive InAnd for a refreshing, entertaining evening, skip up to the Swim Park for the Dive In Movie, Saturday, August 13th where Disney’s “Parent Trap” hits the big screen.  Bring the floats, the kids, and enjoy an evening poolside.  Also, the Cabana Bar is open for adult beverages.

After dark, step outside, look up and catch a falling star or two as the Perseids Meteor shower ramps up peaking on August 12th.  The debris from the Comet Swift-Tuttle starts appearing in the night sky in mid-July ending around August 24th.  Find a dark spot, let your eyes acclimate to the darkness and prepare to be amazed.  This year’s Perseids are going to be spectacular with as many as 150-200 meteors an hour at its peak!

And while you’re star gazing, if you’re looking for the “Dog Star” (Canis Major), you’ll have to wait until the end of August when the brightest star in pre-dawn sky is Sirius.  But by then, the Dog Days of Summer will be gone.  And that means football and fall festivals are just around the corner.