End of Summer “Stellar 70’s” Party

Join the fun Saturday, August 9th as we flashback to the 70’s.  The Swim Park hosts an all day event with 70’s music, themed food and games to entertain everyone – even those born in this century.  Feel free to wear your tie-dye shirts, mullet or Farah Fawcett haircuts and platform shoes (no running though).  There’s a Kids Only Party where 5-12 year olds can say “So Long Sweet Summer” at their own pool party from 6-9pm hosted by the recreation staff.

After a day in the sun, the over-21 crowd can chill at the Cabana Bar and enjoy the Dive-Inhendrix concert – Jimi Hendrix: At the Isle of Wight 1970.  Directed by Murray Lerner, the man responsible for the legendary Woodstock documentary, listen and watch Jimi as he performs Voodoo Child (Slight Return), Machine Gun and many more.  Concert starts at 9pm.

It was the decade that played out on our televisions  – from the grim topics of the Vietnam War, Watergate, the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald and the airplane crash that took the lives of the Marshall football team to the comedy of the Brady Bunch, Happy Days, the fantasy of Charlie’s Angels and back to a simpler time with Little House on the Prairie.

SatNightFeverIn the 70’s, you were a dork or a doofus, said things like “far out” and “sit on it”, ended every other sentence with ‘ya know’ (as opposed to today’s ‘like’), listened to the harmonies of Abba and the BeeGees or blasted Aerosmith or Led Zeppelin.  Pink Floyd had the best selling album of the 70’s with Dark Side of the Moon (is it on your playlist today?) and disco briefly lit up dance floors everywhere with Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor and the Village People. Vinnie Barbarino (aka John Travolta) made black & white a fashion statement with Saturday Night Fever and Fleetwood Mac echoed out of auto 8-track players (look it up).

Did you know these events happened in the 70’s?

  • Sony Walkman’s made their debut
  • First email transmission
  • Microwaves and VCRs became household staples
  • First “Earth Day” – April 22, 1970
  • Margaret Thatcher became Britain’s first female Prime Minister
  • HBO was launched
  • 26th Amendment was ratified lowering the voting age from 21 to 18 “If you’re old enough to fight, you’re old enough to vote.”
  • Apple Computer was founded.

And that’s the way it was.  May the force be with you.